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How Does Welding Manipulator Work

how welding manipulator worksA welding manipulator is a piece of equipment that helps operators reach any place that needs welding operation. Its function is to provide the same lift and reach abilities of a high-skilled welder. So, how does welding manipulator work?

Every part and inch of the welding manipulator is made to become a suitable companion for your MIG and flux-core welding operations. The column in the middle has an attachment at the tip for holding the weld head, which can be adjusted according to the angle and length you prefer. It also comes with swivel casters for faster maneuver, but if you want to keep it steady during the welding process, you can easily tighten the screws in the platform to hold the manipulator tightly.

It is, however, not to be mistaken with a welding positioner and a welding rotator. A welding manipulator is made for moving the weld head closer to the workpiece, while the latter work on moving the workpiece closer to the weld head.

Here’s a demonstration on setting up a welding manipulator:

Why should you opt for a welding manipulator?

Overall, a welding manipulator improves work productivity, provides more flexibility and lessens fatigue for your welders, all while ensuring consistent quality of your welding operations.

It allows more mobility during your operations.

Manual manipulators are made to move faster with built-in swivel casters, while the mechanized ones can both be manually and computer operated. Switching from one workstation to another won’t be as time-consuming and strenuous as it was before. Even a single welder can transfer the manipulator everywhere in the shop on his own.

It provides a safer working environment.

With its adjustable features and safety straps, you can safely move the weld head closer or more distant to the workpiece, which allows you to weld away from the heat zone. It also comes with safety bumpers to assure the gun, the boom and the manipulator itself stay secured during the welding process.

It’s the ideal equipment for automating your welding operations.

Welding manipulators work exactly like a skilled extra hand on your shop and allow repetitive, quality operations without needing as much manpower. The ArcBoss Oscillating Unit, for instance, perfectly mimics the movement of the human hand, providing consistent quality without putting too much physical stress on the operator. The operator can even control the manipulator while welding using a remote control.

Built for strength and durability

Most welding manipulators can handle heavy weights. Just take the ArcBoss for example. The fully-extended boom is tested to handle up to 50 pounds of weight. You won’t have to worry on the weld head loosening unexpectedly, or doing welding operations little by little just because the manipulator can’t handle that much weight or pressure.