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How ArcBoss can help you MAXIMIZE YOUR TIME!

In the welding industry, there’s not much of anything that’s more valuable than time. Setting up machines take time. Setting up parts take time. Making welds take time. So it’s easy to see that if you can maximize your time, you can directly impact your bottom line. ArcBoss can help you MAXIMIZE YOUR TIME! By applying automation where it is usable, ArcBoss can give you the best of both worlds. ArcBoss will give you the benefits of automation without it’s drawbacks.


Maximize Time spent Welding

In the welding industry the national average of time actually spent welding is 15% of the day. This is referred to as “hood-down time”. Basically, welds are actually only being layed for 15% of the day. By increasing the “hood-down time” you can directly increase the time you spend getting work done. Because of the applicable automation that ArcBoss provides, you could easily raise this number. Say you get that number to 30%. Now you have effectively doubled the amount of work that you can get done in a day because you’re spending more time laying welds. Maximizing YOUR TIME in ways like this is how ArcBoss will help you  MAXIMIZE YOUR TIME.


Fewer Passes on Larger Welds


With the oscillation capabilities of the ArcBoss Top Hand, you can dramatically reduce the number of passes most welds require. By going wider with the oscillation and slightly slower with your rotation, you can lay much more materiel down. So welds that usually take several passes to fill can now be filled in about half as many passes. This will help speed up the process on the largest work in the shop. One of our customers told us that he had “Effectively cut his fill and cap times in half” because of the ability to minimize the passes he needed.

Less Mistakes to Fix

Welding mistakes chew up a large part of some days in a weld shop. Not only is the time making the weld already spent, but now the weld must be ground out and re-done. ArcBoss can help with this problem. The precision and consistency of the ArcBoss unit will minimize the mistakes that are made in the day to day.

Less Recovery Time Needed

Welders know that it is physically impossible to keep up with the demands of welding without a break. The ArcBoss unit removes the gun from the welder’s hand so that he or she is no longer in a strenuous situation. With the Arcboss unit, the welds that were the hardest to make are now as easy as getting your settings right and watching to make sure nothing moves. Removing the physical strain off the welder will save time because he no longer needs to take as many breaks to recover.