What Customers Are Saying:

“The ease of maneuverability, and adjustments, make it quicker and easier to setup. To me it’s about the best I’ve ever used, bar none. I’ve been doing this about 30 years. I really, really like this one.”
Artie Peavler Welder - Weamco Inc.
“There is good workmanship on your part, and you took the time to make something that will work in every application. It’s held up, it’s durable. I can already tell it’s superior to what we have had. The time savings comes in because you can twist the head where you want it to, and get it into more places. I am thrilled with that thing.”
Justin Hamlin Foreman - Weamco Inc.
“It speeds up our weld times, because there are less starts and stops. It puts a nice clean bead down. Whenever we do our PT reports, it is really consistent in welding. It really speeds everything up by taking out the personal problems, because they just have to pull the trigger and go.”
Lance Rodgers Welder - Consolidated Fabrication Inc.
“ArcBoss has been a big improvement over our previous manipulators. The Maneuverability and flexibility are incredible. It is easy to set up and use, and it is very stable for a portable unit that takes up so little space. Steve and Frank have been great to work with and made it very easy to custom order our second unit for permanent installation.”
Jeremy Wegner KHS, Waukesha, WI
“After speaking with the guys at Fab Tech with the unit they had set up in their booth, we gave them our information and we set up an in-person demo. They hooked up the top hand manipulator to one of our GMAW machines in a matter of minutes. They explained to us very well how the manipulator works and its capabilities, it didn’t take us long at all to realize that we need to purchase a unit and get one into our metal to metal’s department. Working with Steve was a breeze, and it didn’t take him long once we said we wanted to purchase one. He had worked it into his schedule and did a drop off right at our facility. Once we received it and had it all set up, we combined it with our GMAW-Pulse Spray procedure and we have been running it ever since, no issues whatsoever. The ease of moving and setting up the unit is hands down as simple and easy to use. The controlling of the cross slide while welding is even easier. We trained a welder to use it in a matter of an hour and we had it running in our fittings department and plan to purchase another unit or two for our Fabrication side of the plant. On behalf of Felker Brothers, I am beyond impressed with the quality of the unit and how simple and smooth they have made it.”
Joel Krasselt Welding Supervisor - Felker Brothers Corporation


ArcBoss is a portable welding manipulator designed to give you more mobility and more adjustability than anything else on the market. Its wheeled base lets you move ArcBoss to the work, not the other way around. Its flexibility ensures you can position the gun exactly where you need it for both sub-arc and flux-core welds. Its micro-controller ensures precision welds with repeatable quality every time.

ArcBoss saves time job after job, making welders more productive and profitable. See a demo here, or contact us to learn more.



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