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The Best Welding Manipulator on the Market


Semi- Automatic Welding


ArcBoss Welding Manipulators are designed to provide the absolute best welding experience. We’ll get to what sets them apart in just a second. But the fact is, ArcBoss Welding Manipulators are set apart from other Welding Manipulators on the market. Take a look at ArcBoss features and benefits! You will definitely be impressed. The ArcBoss Welding Manipulator is the best option on the market for those looking to increase their productivity and profit in the welding industry. If you are looking to purchase a welding manipulator, look no further than theArcBoss Top-Hand.



ArcBoss Top-Hand


The ArcBoss Top-Hand Welding Manipulator crushes its competition because of the features that it possesses. The Top-Hand is portable and this gives it major benefits over most welding manipulators. Instead of bringing your work to the manipulator, you can take your manipulator to the work. The ArcBoss Top-Hand is an Oscillating Welding Manipulator that gives the operator complete control over the speed, width, and pause of the weld. The Top-Hand has more features packed into a small footprint than the largest and most expensive Welding Manipulators can boast of. The Joystick Control gives complete control over the X and Y axis. This feature lets the operator position the weld exactly where they’d like. The near unlimited adjustability of the Top-Hand puts lightyears ahead of its competition.


What will this Welding Manipulator give me?


The Top-Hand is all about making life easier and more efficient in a weld shop. The Top-Hand removes the welding gun from the operators hand, and puts in them in a much more comfortable position. Subsequently making the welder’s life easier. The Top-Hand relieves the constant stress on the welder and makes it easier on them to perform at max capacity. This makes them much more profitable to the company. By removing stress from the individual making the weld, they will be able to last longer in their job and accomplish more in the meantime.


The Top-Hand gives the most bang-for-your-buck of any Welding Manipulator on the market.


The Top-Hand truly distinguishes itself when it comes to features for the money. There are several welding manipulators with a 6-figure price tag that possess the same, or even fewer, features as the Top-Hand. The Top-Hand will literally pay itself off in a few months with the profit it can bring. Not to mention, make life much better for the welders. It is truly a no-brainer!