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4 Ways to Improve Welding Productivity in Your Shop

Local and global competitors continuously introduce new methods and processes across different aspects of operations, including welding. To remain competitive, companies must streamline processes to improve welding productivity and quality.

Any company, whether manufacturing or e-commerce, must constantly refine its operations to utilize time, resources and manpower and maximize profit potential. Here are some ways to improve productivity in your weld shop.

Tips to Improve Welding Productivity

  • Consider ergonomics. Good ergonomics helps reduce cost and improve weld quality. Ensuring a hazard-free job shop not only promotes worker safety and comfort, but also establishes a workspace that can accommodate welding projects on a regular basis. Keep in mind that ergonomics is also part of compliance with regulations. Check out our tips on welding ergonomics.


  • Reform procedures accordingly. Many job shops have been around for years and decades even. Some may find it difficult to implement change to pre-existing procedures. But, materials and methods are constantly upgrading. Your business must catch up and adjust to these innovations. Change processes, equipment, and filler metals depending on your welding projects and requirements.


  • Maintain consistency. Ensure welding equipment operates consistently. Schedule routine checkup and maintenance. Same with your welders. Make sure they follow the procedures you set up. Have them undergo training if needed. Managers should also routinely check with the welders to ensure you got their needs covered.


  • Introduce automation. You can optimize your welding production by introducing automatic or semi-automatic procedures in your shop. Making this change from the traditional manual application is a huge leap and will ultimately affect your current welding procedure. It may seem like a rather large investment, but it can improve throughput in the long run, allowing more profit potential for your job shop.


How Automation Helps

By automating your welding operations, you can work on even the toughest jobs faster without the need for extra labor or the risk of consuming too many resources. Welding automation helps you increase production in your shop while saving time and money.

Let’s take ArcBoss as an example. As one of the most advanced sub-arc welding manipulators, ArcBoss is more mobile, more adjustable and more flexible than other models on the market today. Its compact and mobile design allows it to be used in every bay in your shop, making it easier for your welders to maneuver the unit around their workspace as needed.

The flexibility of ArcBoss units enables welders to move, adjust, angle and set the manipulator just about anywhere they need it. Welders can reacheven the tight spots and make hard welds with precision and consistent quality.


With welding automation, it is also possible to get consistent, duplicable quality weld after weld, for hours on end. ArcBoss manipulators cut welding time significantly, resulting in notable time savings that boost your bottom line.

Improving productivity, ensuring the best quality, and reducing costs are important steps for any business to remain competitive in the industry. Sometimes, these steps may require you to make a bigger investment. Although low-cost alternatives can be tempting, cheaper is not always better. Especially if the quality of weld and production are to be jeopardized.

Check out these welding automation options you may want to consider for your job shop.