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Innovative Welding Automation that Bridges the Gap

Semi- Automatic Welding

One way or another, welding automation is the future for the welding industry. As of 2020, the welder’s average age is 57 years old and getting older every day. This fact, in and of itself, shows that the “golden arm” welder is growing older, and new talent is not coming into the trade. This industry is going to be forced to embrace welding automation in a very short time. Our welding manipulators provide an innovative and accessible form of welding automation. ArcBoss is the go-between for fully manual welding and the 6-figure robot.

ArcBoss Makes Welding Automation Accessible

The barrier to entry into welding automation can be astronomical for small businesses. I’ve personally been in multiple welding shops that have invested 6-figures into equipment that they can barely even use, much less see their projected ROI. This is where ArcBoss comes in. The Top-Hand is an accessible solution to the barrier to entry. Because it is something that most can afford and apply. Because of ArcBoss’ price point, ROI is all but guaranteed. If a shop invests in the ArcBoss Top-Hand, it can literally pay for itself in weeks. The Top-Hand’s affordable price shatters the wall that keeps many small businesses out of welding automation. But it still provides automation’s benefits.


ArcBoss is a Tool for Welders


Welders regularly wear their bodies out by spending their days in awkward positions trying to do a tedious task. So it’s no secret that welders spend a lot of time with aches and pains in their back, neck, and shoulders. The Top-Hand is a tool that a welder can use to do the vast majority of the hardest work that they do on a daily basis. This tool gives a welder the ability to make welds using their expertise so welders are not limited by their physical abilities or experience discomfort on a daily basis. ArcBoss helps welders feel better, and accomplish more at the end of the day.


ArcBoss is Flexible Welding Automation


Many companies invest hundreds of thousands, even millions, of dollars into automation that has a single application. What I mean is, most welding automation systems can only do one thing. Most are set up for a specific job, and to change from one job to another can take hours, even days. Because ArcBoss welding manipulators have such flexibility, they really kick the competition. The Top-Hand can be set up to run in minutes. ArcBoss welding manipulators are completely portable, and can easily be rolled anywhere in a weld shop. Now you can take the manipulator to your work, so you no longer have to only bring your work to the manipulator. So you can apply the Top-Hand to many different jobs, all over your shop. ArcBoss provides the consistency and efficiency of welding automation, and the flexibility of manual welding.