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The Benefits of Semi-Automatic Welding

Semi-Automatic Welding bridges the gap between fully manual, and fully automatic welding. Welding is an extremely dynamic and fluid craft, so there are many applications where fully automated welding is extremely impractical. But the efficiency gained from going away from fully manual welding is also extremely advantageous. Semi-automatic welding comes between the two and provides some of the practicality of manual and efficiency of automatic welding.


Benefits of Semi-Automatic Welding


Semi-Automatic welding is extremely easy to apply in the day-t0-day operation of a weld shop. It can also provide some very lucrative benefits. The minimal investment required to get started also makes it available to most businesses. Semi-Automatic welding gives many of the same benefits and capabilities as fully-automatic welding at a fraction of the investment. The simple fact that it makes the individual welder’s day so much more comfortable and productive is a huge benefit itself. The individual is able to lean on their experience and expertise, and not wear their body out. The welder can go home at the end of the day and not deal with the aches and pains that are traditionally associated with welding. Semi-Automatic welding gives welders the ability to have longer, more productive careers.


Drawbacks of Fully-Automatic Welding


Automatic welding is great in the applications where it excels. But it is very inefficient in dynamic applications. It’s great for making the exact same weld over and over, but it’s not easily changed or set up for different applications. Semi-Automatic welding provides some of the flexibility of manual welding and some of the efficiency of automatic welding. Many shops have to have fluid or dynamic operations because of the nature of welding.  The ArcBoss Top-Hand is easily set up and can be manipulated to make many different welds. It can make the same weld over and over all day long, but it can be easily manipulated to do more custom work than traditional Automatic welding.


ArcBoss Semi-Automatic Welding Manipulators


ArcBoss welding manipulators are designed for the people looking for the benefits of both manual and automatic welding. The Top-Hand is a tool that brings the custom feel of the manual welding world, and the efficiency of automatic welding. The ease of use and maneuverability that the Top-Hand provides can take the most difficult manual welds and make them extremely easily and consistently.