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5 Key Advantages of Automated Welding

Welding or the process of joining two or more metals together is present in almost every industry. About 50% of the total manufactured products in America are welded, in one way or another. Professionals found a way to cope up with the growing demand for welding across different industries – automation.

More and more companies are turning to automation to improve their operations. Here are some key advantages of automated welding that companies are after.

1. Increase in Productivity

Automated welding has the ability to perform tasks up to five times faster than humans can. The automated systems can move quicker, weld more and finish tasks faster. For semi-automated welding systems, projects can be routinized to a certain degree once the operator finds the perfect rhythm.

It also helps ensure repeatability and consistent weld quality. When maintained properly, automated welding systems can run on hours end. This means a dramatic increase in output in a much shorter production time, increasing productivity and improving profitability.

2. Flexibility

Automated systems can be moved, adjusted, angled and set just about anywhere you need them. The near-unlimited adjustability and mobility adjustments give workers more options that ensure they get the right settings to meet production specifications.

3. Enhanced Safety

In manual welding, workers spend hours exposed to the typical welding environment – up to 6000° degrees of heat, gas and arc smoke. They have to hold welding torches and guns for hours end, producing significant stress on their hands, arms, shoulders, neck, and back.

Automated welding reduces and sometimes fully eliminates these discomforts, providing a safer and more comfortable environment for your workers. Automated welding can improve the overall safety conditions in your welding facility.

4. Cost Efficiency

Even the most skilled welder can make mistakes or overweld, resulting in wasted materials and lost time to welding cleanups. Automated solutions reduce these mistakes, saving more time and reducing material costs.

Today, there are many companies offering various automated solutions that can fit different budgets and operation needs. Through consistent improvements in the automated welding process, companies can continue delivering quality components at reduced cost.

5. Competitive Advantage

Automated welding can provide enormous gains, in terms of productivity, profitability, and quality, which can set you apart from competitors. The technology gives companies a competitive advantage by producing more and better in a limited period of time.

Welding automation can help manufacturers who are looking to stay on the top of their game to achieve quantity and quality at the same time.

The days when automation is only for the giant manufacturing companies are over. Even small to medium scale job shops can now enjoy the benefits of welding automation.


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