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How ArcBoss Improves ROI with Automated Welding

Automated welding has existed since the 1960s in the American manufacturing industry. It was commonly used in the automotive industry back in the 1980s. Automated welding systems were established successfully by General Motors, influencing other manufacturers to utilize the technology as well.

Today, automated welding and automated welding systems are well utilized by manufacturers. Here’s how automated welding and ArcBoss improve your ROI.


The general goal of every company is to have high-quality products and high-volume productivity. ArcBoss can help you with both. For example, the ArcBoss Oscillating Unit mimics human hand movements, providing high quality and productivity with no physical stress to the operators.


For ArcBoss, we make sure that every operator feels safe and comfortable when using our machines. Take ArcBoss Manipulator for example. Not only does it help with welding, but it provides comfort, flexibility, and overall lessens fatigue for the operators.


Time is of the essence when it comes to producing your own products. Consistency is a must. ArcBoss equipment helps with consistent welds and repetitive tasks in quick cycles. It has the 3 axis precision motion feature which makes ⅜” of linear motion per revolution. It helps with high-volume production, efficiency and the overall output of each product produced.


ArcBoss machines produce accurate high-quality welds in every bay. Manual welding depends on welders’ expertise. But with ArcBoss, you can rely on consistent quality every time. The ArcBoss Sub Arc Manual Unit has a 9 axis of adjustment feature, making it a more reliable option for those hard to reach welds.


ArcBoss equipment produces minimal to no mistakes. This helps in managing supplies and waste, or lack thereof. Minimal waste and the right amount of supplies will save your company considerably.


Welding equipment generates sparks, flash, and heat. With ArcBoss, operators effectively avoid burns and other strains. It comes with adjustable features and safety straps for extreme maneuverability, hence can be used in multiple workstations.


You don’t have to worry about the weld head slipping or loosening unexpectedly. ArcBoss equipment is tested to handle up to 50 pounds of weight, therefore proving its strength and durability, which will last for a long time.


Automated welding can be costly initially, but worth the investment and will earn back its price in cost savings. With ArcBoss, you produce high-quality welds, utilize time, effectively save money and make the job easier. Reach out to us to know more about automation or to request a quote!