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How ArcBoss can improve your Safety and Comfort


If you are a person that is involved in the welding industry, you know the in’s and out’s better than anybody. You don’t have to be told that it can be very uncomfortable to run flux-core, because of it’s heat. Nor do you have to be convinced that your back gets sore after a long day spent welding pipe. Helping the welder be more comfortable, as well as more efficient, is one of ArcBoss’s greatest strengths.  ArcBoss is designed to make the welder on the floor safer and more comfortable, all while maximizing their productivity.


Repetitive Motion Injuries


Injuries that are suffered over long periods of time and caused by repetitive motion have plagued welders for years. Problems such as Carpal Tunnel or Arthritis often haunt people who have been involved with welding for an extended period of time. The reason welders are often effected by these problems is the back and forth motions that they make on a daily basis. The constant, sweeping, side-to-side motion stresses an individual’s joints and muscles over time. ArcBoss has the power to put an end to repetitive motion injuries by taking over these stressful movements, and make welding much safer.


Comfort for the Welder


Getting a sore back or shoulders from bending over a workpiece can cause a cumulative loss of production by the end of a day. ArcBoss will help maximize these down times by making the welder on the floor much more comfortable. With ArcBoss, there is no longer a need for the welder to take a rest after each weld. With ArcBoss, he no longer has to exert himself on the same level to produce the same, or better product. Helping people maximize their time and effort is where ArcBoss comes in clutch. ArcBoss has been built from the ground up to maximize welding in every way.


Safety for the Welder


Whether you are a shop owner or welder, ArcBoss can help you and those around you be safer. With ArcBoss, the welders on the floor are able to put some distance between themselves and the weld itself. This means welders are no longer subject to breathe the smoke and gasses that are produced by the welding process. It also means that the welder is no longer going to be close enough to the arc for the rays to burn him. Both of these facts will greatly contribute to the long term health and safety of the people on the floor.


The comfort and safety of everyone involved is an area where ArcBoss can make a difference to YOU. One of it’s advantages is that it is a tool that increases the profitability, safety, and comfort of everyone. ArcBoss can help you maximize your time and, therefore, increase your bottom line. Everyone understands the importance of maximizing efficiency, but if you can also maximize comfort and safety, it is a win for everyone in your shop.