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Consistency is King

What would it mean if every flux-core cap was the same in every weld bay of your shop? Consistency is one of the most valuable things you get when you go with the ArcBoss Top Hand. ArcBoss’s ability to produce the same product, weld after weld, all day long, will produce incredible value. ArcBoss will give everyone in the shop a tool that will make them better. It will help the new guy elevate his performance to where the veteran is, and also help the veteran welder be better than ever. Consistency on the floor will make everyone better at their job.


Aesthetic Consistency


One of the greatest benefits of automatic welding is that it helps welders lay down better looking welds, day in and day out, with more consistency than ever before. ArcBoss’s computerized motion takes the human error factor away to create a weld that looks the same, every time. It takes an incredibly skilled and experienced person to be able to lay down welds all day that look consistent by hand. With ArcBoss, there is no longer fluctuation in the aesthetic of the weld.


Consistent Quality


Quality is a must when it comes to the welding industry. Failing X-ray tests and having to start from scratch is not an option if you are looking to be competitive. ArcBoss is in a world of its own when it comes to having consistent quality. The Top Hand’s ability to produce consistent quality can be trusted. Once the settings are set, there is nothing else to worry about other than the position of the weld. This removes a large headache from the owner because he no longer has to lose sleep about the quality that his shop is producing.


Consistent Performance


Consistency of performance is an area where ArcBoss greatly maximizes time and can allow shops to scale their production and reduce their time spent fixing mistakes. No matter the time of day, ArcBoss’s performance is consistent. The Top Hand can help a welder have the same production seven hours into the day as he did in the first hour. This alone will help shops maximize their afternoon and make their days more valuable.


ArcBoss can raise the consistency of your entire shop. With a tool like the Top Hand, the new guy can produce welds on the same level as the veteran on a much shorter time line and with much less experience. Your shop will no longer experience the high and low production times because ArcBoss is consistent in every way. The consistency that the Top Hand will provide will give shop owners the ability to scale their companies and grow like never before.